Three days without it and the world will notice

We are the church


I enjoyed playing the piano, but I hated practicing scales. It seemed like the same thing over and over and over. Actually, that is what scales are; the same thing over and over and over. Practicing scales help keep your fingers supple.

Ignace Jan Paderewski was a renowned Polish pianist who lived in the first half of the twentieth century. When his government requested that he play concerts in order to raise money, Paderewski, a patriot and willing citizen, replied: ‘‘ I will be part of the war effort under one condition. You must allow me every day to continue playing scales, three hours a day. Pay me for eight hours; but I will play scales for three.’’ They didn’t hesitate to accept his offer. Why would someone of Paderewski’s enormous talent insist on playing scales for three hours daily? He had a ready answer. ‘‘ If I skip one…

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