At Trinity Professional services, we are always learning and improving our skills. Our number one goal is to provide invaluable service to small businesses that will increase productivity, efficiency, and your bottom dollar!
The following is a list of the services that we currently offer. If you are looking for services that are not currently on this list, please feel free to contact us and discuss your specific business needs.

  • Financial Accounts Reconciliation
    • Reconcile bank and credit card statements with your existing financial software
      (I.E. Quickbooks, Peachtree, Quicken, etc)
    • Categorize expenses by category
      (Quickly file your year end taxes with confidence)
    • write off invoices based on deposits
      (Track your accounts receivable accurately with deposits linked to the invoices) 
  • Vendor Accounts Management
    • Reconcile vendor invoices and statements with your existing financial software
      (Allows you to accurately review job expenses, and manage your monthly bills.)
    • Categorize your invoices by P.O./Job numbers
      (Quickly see where you are at on a job. Stay profitable and in budget)
    • Bi-Weekly bill reminders
      (Eliminate late payment fees and take advantage of early pay discounts) 
  • Accounts receivable services
    • Outbound invoice creation* and tracking
      (Have invoices sent and know when your customers receive them)
    • Customer statement creation and account monitoring
      (Send your customers monthly statements, and past-due bill reminders)
    • Custom A/R reports that allow you to quickly see your cashflow
      (We work with you to create meaningful reports, that give you the info you need) 
  • Website design and hosting
    • Two website creation options to fit your budget
      (Custom or Basic web design and hosting**)
    • Simple and professional website for your business
      (Launch a powerful resource for potential clients to review)
    • Increase your business visibility and accessibility
      (In today’s tech based age, an online presence is critical for business growth) 

*Invoice creation is based of of information provided by business owner. Generally created from an estimate template. We are not responsible for creating the line items for the invoice. See an example here

** In either package, the client has full control of the content of the website.
The custom design package allows the client more customization control over the layout and format of the website.
The basic package includes a clean and professional layout at the discretion of Trinity Professional services.