Funeral Videography

Cherished memories of your loved ones…
As we gather together to pay our final respects to our loved ones, we reflect upon the ways they touched our lives. We cherish, and hold close the times we spent with them. Loved ones, and friends bring forth fond memories, poems, and songs. We celebrate their life here in this world, and rejoice for their new life they have taken up.

A message from Trinity Productions.

The loss of loved ones is often an unexpected journey we can never fully prepare for. We take comfort knowing, that as a journey of grief begins for us, a journey of peace begins for our loved ones. Gone from a world with sorrows, their spirit rides the blissful shore, awaiting us to join them in paradise. We pray that God comfort your hearts this day.
Stephen & Keisha Bellew

Why film the service?

  1. During this time of loss, It can all feel a bit overwhelming… Some people are afraid they won’t remember what was said. This is a good reason to have the services recorded.
  2. Many of the stories shared, poems read, songs sang, bring back special memories of our loved ones. These memories can be passed on to children and grandchildren in remembrance of your loved ones
  3. Having a copy to send to loved ones that were not able to make it to the services is a special way to comfort elderly, or far away family.

What else should I know?

We want to be a help in your time of need. It is our goal to provide an easy, and worry free service.We remain as inconspicuous as possible throughout the day. We will not be walking around putting camera’s in peoples face. We focus mainly on the speakers throughout the service, and we get several clips of memorial tables and scenery.We never charge overtime! The last thing we want to do is add any extra worry to you. We charge a flat rate per package. No surprises, no hidden fees.

Funeral Videography Brochure
Click here to read our Funeral Videography Brochure

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